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As I sit here trying my best to figure out what to write without sounding cheesy, I decided to just go ahead and be my "cheesy" self!  I felt as if I were writing a bio for a dating site, writing things like, "I love long walks on the beach, I love that warm fuzzy feeling dogs give me, I love date night with my husband because we go to dinner and a movie!"  Truth is... I don't like sand, I'm a cat person (don't tell the dog that), and date night around here consists of a buffet, kids running all over the place, and a few great friends throwing back a few drinks! 

I am ALWAYS reading something.  Lately it has been anything photography related, but I love a good horror or love story!  I love The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy.  I also love anything comedy related.  Funny people fuel me and my own desire to make people laugh.  I'm goofy, silly, and it really takes A LOT to offend me.  I do work a full time job with an amazing local company, and I am considering going back to school for a masters degree (crazy right?!).  Anything else ya wanna know, just ask!

I started this business in 2009, but I have been photographing for fun since I was a teenager (Now THAT was a long time ago!), I photographed bands back then, which was a blast!  I am a self taught photographer who prefers to use the sun as my light source.  I have a fantastic light set up, and don't mind using it, but I just love the soft look of the evening sun!  I'm not perfect, nor do I claim to be.  I have A LOT to still learn in this business, however, I think once you stop learning in this profession you may as well put your "closed" sign on the door.  I strive to get the best shot possible, even if it means standing on a ladder (I am terrified of heights too!), getting in some water, or standing in 100 degree sun while my client is in the cool shade.  I do what needs to be done to get a FANTASTIC shot!  My goal is to satisfy my clients and create memories they will share in thirty years with their grandchildren...Oh, and I would also LOVE to be able to order from Subway without saying, "Uhmmmmmm"!!  Really though, I love meeting new people, and love to hear ideas a client may have in mind for a shoot!  I am FAR from "snooty" (is that a real word?) and I will help anyone I can in this business...as long as they have Girl Scout cookies, preferably Somoas!  Kidding, kidding (not really)!  All joking aside, I look forward to hearing from you and how I can help you create beautiful memories for your family to cherish for years to come!  Thanks for stopping by!!  :D